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Top Architecture Design for Office in Janakpur


Good Interior Designs are not just meant for homes; they are also meant for offices. As a matter of fact, great interior design has a bigger role in commercial places than at homes. Commercial design doesn’t just help make the employee feel better at their workplace, but also make them more productive and efficient.

Office Interior Design

Office Cultures are changing. Back in the days, workstations used to be secluded and the employees were expected to work in isolation. These days, the offices are open and the employees are required to talk more and collaborate.

The commercial interior design ideas need to cater to this very crucial need. This could be achieved with the use of glass walls as the means of separating two workstations, or even better, by adopting round table work stations.

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Laid-Back Furniture

The furniture need not be too formal. They should make the employee feel relaxed so that they could work more efficiently. Many offices have opted lounge based setting, using bean bags instead of chairs, to help their employees feel comfortable.

Such furniture is not just comfortable but also light on the pocket. There’s nothing more that a company would want.

Bright Colors

Offices should give special emphasis on colors, whether in terms of painting the walls and ceilings, or buying office furniture. Colors like blue and green can make the employees more efficient and focused. In the same way, yellow can make them optimistic, creative and energetic. Depending on the aesthetics, and how the employees might feel, the best colors and theme should be chosen.


Interior Desingn Buddha Construction

Eco-friendly Designs

Offices around the world are taking it as a challenge to build an interior that is not just appealing and comfortable, but eco-friendly as well. This is their way of caring for the environment, and inspiring others to do the same.

Reusing old furniture, using eco-friendly materials like bamboo, corks, engineered woods as flooring, and installing plants in as many locations as possible are few of the things that an office can do to make their office look stunning and eco-friendly.

Multiple Meeting Rooms

Instead of building one or two big meeting rooms, it’s considered better to make smaller 4-5 meeting rooms, with all the necessary audio-visual equipment. As mentioned earlier, the door and walls should be made of glass, so that it’s easy to determine which room is taken and which one is available. This commercial interior design is all about making things easier, more open and productive.

Interior Desingn Buddha Construction

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